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5 Ways You Can Tell If a Girl Likes You

5 : Her Body Language is Flirtatious

Paying close attention to a girl's body language is a great way to tell if she likes you. Be on the lookout for a girl who crosses her legs toward you and plays with her hair while holding your gaze. While you don't want to have a weird staring contest, eye contact is important; it shows you have confidence, which is extremely attractive.
Most girls know what they're doing when it comes to flirting. If the light squeeze she gave your arm made your heart pump double-time, it was no accident. More than likely, she's interested in you and is trying to let you know in a subtle way, hoping you'll get the message and return the gesture.

4: You've Become an Information Kiosk

Any girl can be polite and friendly when you strike up a conversation with her, but if she really likes you, the conversation will take a playful and flirtatious turn. She'll laugh at all of your jokes, and she'll go out of her way to compliment you. Some girls might take the less obvious approach and tell you she enjoyed watching you score the winning goal at your soccer game, but other girls can be a little more forward. If she leans in and whispers that you look great in your green shirt, take note that she's definitely interested in you.

3: She Thinks of You in a Thoughtful Way

The most unmistakable sign that a girl likes you is if her best friends give her up and spill her secret: She's into you.
Her friends might be breaking girl code, but they probably wouldn't share such a weighty secret with you unless they realized that you're also head over heels for their friend. Besides, it's always nice to know that her friends are on your side -- it's like they're giving you their approval to date her. This is the final and ultimate sign this girl is into you, so if you feel the same way, it's time to stop playing games and ask her out!

2: She Thinks of You in a Thoughtful Way

A girl who has a genuine interest in you will find ways to go out of her way to do nice things for you. If she sees that you're down about a grade, she'll offer to help you study for the next test. If you both share an interest in a band, she might buy a pair of tickets to a concert and offer one of them to you. A girl who's into you will show concern or feel protective of you. If she sees that your current love interest isn't giving you the time of day, she'll swoop in to comfort you -- maybe hoping that you'll notice her, instead.

1: Casual Meetings Become the Norm

Have you ever been at your after-school job flipping hamburgers and look up to see the girl you like ordering at the counter for the third time in a week? If this has happened a lot more than usual, and she always makes a point to wave and smile at you when she visits, she might be hoping for a chance to talk to you. Then again, she could just enjoy a tasty burger, so keep your antennae up for any other possible meetings where you think she might be seeking you out. Maybe she's constantly walking by your locker to talk to you between classes, or you begin to see her regularly at one of your local hangouts. If you start seeing her places where you normally spend free time, she might be trying to get your attention.

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